Educational Philosophy
            What is an educational philosophy to you? To me an educational philosophy contains an individual’s view on the purpose of education, the role of the student, teacher, staff and administration in the schools and the role of a teacher within the community.  I believe that the student, teacher, administration and community all must work in unison in order for education to be beneficial.
            Education plays an extremely important role in everyone’s life, no matter what their age. The purpose of education is not to just teach someone material in a subject, but to teach them to think independently and to use their knowledge to expand their views and thought processes. I believe that education is necessary in order for a person to grow. The more education a person receives the more knowledge that they have and the better equip at decision making. Education is a tool that everyone should take full advantage of in order to expand their knowledge.
            Everyone that is involved in education has a purpose. The role of the administration is to oversee what the teachers are teaching the students. The administration is there to act as a committee that has the final say over what is going to be taught in their school and how their school is run. The administration has the power to decide how they want their school run and are responsible to relay that information down to the teachers. A teacher’s role in the school is to take care of their students and to teach them a designated subject. Teachers are competent in their fields and their job is to transfer the knowledge that they have to the students. The teachers have to know their students as individuals and the way that the students learn. This is the only way they can successfully transfer their knowledge to the students. The staff’s role in education is to make sure that the day to day activities and tasks go smoothly. The staff’s role is to take care of the facilities as well as to assist the administration, teachers and students. Everyone that is involved in education is there to benefit the students. In order for everyone to be successful all roles must work in unison.
            The student’s role in education is to learn what the teachers impart on them. The student should be actively involved in their education. The student should ask questions and be involved in what they are learning. The students are there to better themselves so they should be learning and growing in school.  Education does not just teach students about subjects but about themselves as well. The role of a student is to never stop learning.
            The teacher has a role in the school and the community. A teacher should be a role model, a person that strives to better both themselves and their community. A good teacher should be involved in the lives of their students outside of school. They do this by going to games, community events, staying after school and being available for their students. I once heard a quote “They don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” This quote applies directly to my view of the role of a teacher.  The students and the community want to know that you as a teacher are there for them because you care. Students and the community are more apt to listen to what you have to say when they know that you care.
            Education is extremely important in order for someone to better themselves. No role is more important than another and all are needed for success in education.

Physical Education Philosophy
            To me physical education is not just a class that you go to when you are in school, it is a way of life. My hopes are that I am able to teach people, not only students, how to become more physically fit. I want provide the knowledge and tools so that people are confident and competent when it comes to physical education.  A physical education philosophy should include goals for student learning, enactment of goals, assessment of goals as well as how to create an inclusive learning environment.
            I am going to have goals for my student body as a whole along with individual learning. My main goals are to have physical education available for everyone, and for all my students to have the tools they need to be confident and competent in everything they do. The skills they are taught will have with them for a lifetime. The last thing I want my students to do is to be able to teach others what they have learned because education is all about the transference and implementation of knowledge. On day one my expectations of them will be known and hung somewhere in the gymnasium, which will be a safe and judgment free environment. 
            The way that I am going to enact my goals in my classroom is by guided discovery, practice and command teaching styles. I will use the command teaching style when introducing something new to the students. This would take place the first few days of a sport or activity. Guided discovery would be used when I want my students to teach themselves something new. The final teaching style I will implement is practice. Once a student learns a skill it is imperative that they practice it. I was taught “practice makes permanent.” If a student is practicing a skill incorrectly then they will do it wrong every time. As a physical educator it is my job to ensure the student is correctly completing a skill. When taught correctly students will be competent and confident.
            Assessment is imperative because it shows each student where their present level of performance is and how far they have come. These measurements are made possible by pre-assessments, a post assessments and an assessment. Assessment shows accountability as well as credibility. A teacher needs to prove that students are progressing throughout the program. Some assessments that I plan on using in my classes are norm referenced, criterion referenced, qualitative, quantitative, standardized tests, and content referenced and self assessments. These tools will allow me to show students and administration progress made in my classroom.
            As physical educator I need to create an inclusive learning environment. This is done by having modifications available for every activity. Modifications can be done on any piece of equipment or game, which allows physical education available for everyone. In my class students will be able to participate no matter their ability, gender, or race. Discrimination is not acceptable and physical education is not a punishment, but a way to express and better yourself.
            My physical education philosophy outlines why I am in this profession and the way I plan on teaching my students about physical education. I hope that as a physical educator I can inspire students to physically better themselves and to be confident and competent in what they do in life. 

Coaching Philosophy
            My coaching philosophy is my beliefs about coaching and how I want to run my team.   It contains the way I want to coach my players in any sport.  The philosophy also contains why I want to be a coach.  It is also about my thoughts about winning and how I want my focus to be toward my players.  There are many reasons why I want to become a coach.  I want to be able to be that person in one of my players live that helped them along their way to improving and figuring themselves out.   My past coaches have been huge influences in my life and I would really like to be that for one of my players.  I want to instill in them though that family and the way that you carry yourself are two of them most important things in life.  I don’t only want to be able to coach my team about a sport but I want to be there for them when they need someone to confide in.   I also want to learn from my players.  I am only was good as the players that are on my team. 
            As for my coaching style I want my players to take in what I have to say more than the way that I say it.  I am a very loud person but I try not to scream.  When I get excited or when I am at a sporting event my volume rises, it is just natural.  I am a very enthusiastic person.  My high school basketball coach was a screamer and while what he was saying was positive my teammates could not respond positively because they didn’t respond well to being yelled at.  Yelling doesn’t affect some athletes but it does others.  I think that the best way to say something is with a calm voice. I don’t want to get in my athletes faces I want to be able to have a mature conversation with them.  Explain to them what they could do to improve what they are working on, or what they could do next time to get a different result.  Being loud isn’t bad but it’s always something to keep in check.
            My focus is definitely on the athlete.  The best thing that I learned from my high school basketball coach Tim Knowlton was that in the end all that it comes down to is family.  Not if we just won or lost the last game.  I want to be like him in this aspect.  He always stressed that family was number one.  If you had to take care of something then everyone else on the team will be there for you to help you out, the coach included.   I want all my teams to keep this in mind, I can’t stress enough how important it is for our team to be a family and not just a team.
            When I was told to write my coaching philosophy my professor told me to keep in mind the following question, when you die how are your athletes going to remember you?  I hope that they remember me more as a role model than a coach.  I want to be able to instill in my athletes a good work ethic on and off the field or court.  I want them to remember me as the woman that kept challenging them to attain their highest potential.  I really want them to remember me though as a person that was always there for them if they ever needed me. 
            I think at the high school level all students should play.  I do not think that everyone should get equal playing time but if a player puts in effort during practice then they should be able to at least see a little bit of time on the floor no matter their skill level.  To me winning is not everything.  I am not saying that I don’t like to win but I am saying that it isn’t the most important thing when it comes to a sport.  I think that the most important thing is improvement.  Being able to see how far you have come is a huge accomplishment and a big reason why people stay with a sport.
            My disciple would have to go along with the school that I was coaching at.  I would play by their rules but I would also add a few of my own.  I would expect my players to have a GPA of at least a 70 in each class.  If they didn’t have that average I would allow them to practice but not play.   I would give my student this information at the first practice because I expect more out of them because they are student athletes.  If one of my players were caught drinking then they would not be playing.  They knew the rules at the beginning of the season and they would know the consequences as well.  That would go for every player it doesn’t exclude anyone.  I will not show discrimination for the most talented or the least talented player on the team.  I will also substitute a player if they argue with the referee.  I think that it is very disrespectful if the player chooses to do this.  The student needs to learn how to respect the older people around them.  I believe that these rules will help the player rise to be the best that they can be.  I believe that with this coaching philosophy I will be a successful coach and I will be able to stay true to myself as a coach.