Standard 6

Standard 6: Professionalism

Physical education teacher candidates demonstrate dispositions essential to becoming effective professionals.

Element 6.1:  Demonstrate behaviors that are consistent with the belief that all students can become
physically educated individuals.
Artifact: Exergame Lab (EDU 255)
Date:  Spring 2012
Reflection:  This semester I did my lab D in the Exergame Lab. I learned how to set up a majority of the equipment that we have in the lab. The equipment that I set up was not meant for physical education majors specifically , instead it was meant for anyone that wanted to try it. Me and a fellow teacher candidate along with our professor set up the lab one night for a fraternity that wanted to incorporate technology into stress relief. We set up the bikes, punching bags, dance dance revolution, and the Wii. The students enjoyed using the equipment and really received a workout. I was not required to do this, I simply wanted to. I wanted to set this up for these students to show them a new branch of physical education.