Standard 5

Standard 5: Impact on Student Learning

Physical education teacher candidates utilize assessments and reflection to foster student learning and inform instructional decisions.

Element 5.2:  Use appropriate assessments to evaluate student learning before, during, and after instruction.
Artifact: Statistics and Assessment 434
Date:  Spring 2012

This semester in Statistics and Assessment we assessed students on their basketball dribbling skills. My two other group members and I used a modified checklist to assess the students skills. Our results showed that all students that participated in the pre-assessment and the post assessment were able to improve upon their basketball dribbling skills. It is extremely important to use assessments when working on any skill. Assessments give our profession credibility and they also show students where they started at and how far they have come. Assessments are a great way to keep a record of how students are doing individually as well as collectively.  The following is a link to my teacher work sample that I did which shows how we assessed students, and why assessments are so important.